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Sharps bin 005

Sharps bin 005

We have a large and varied selection of sharps bins available in stock. The coloured lids denote their purpose

Orange lid - non-pharmaceutical sharps eg tattoo needles

Yellow lid - medical sharps including syringes so hospitals, GP surgeries etc. Clinical settings

Purple lid - for cytotoxic waste so found in cancer units to dispose of chemo products

Red lid - for anatomical waste such as blood bags so blood donor scenes or operating theatres

Blue lid - for used PPE and expired medications so pharmacies etc

Varying sizes from 12cm high to 42cm high

Prop ID: 655

Width: 10 cm

Height: 42 cm

Depth: 10 cm

Age: contemporary


One of a large collection of medical and scientific props available for hire from Film Medical Services Ltd. Call us for a quote or to book a visit! 020 8961 3222

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